Review on Goodreads by D.G Kaye 24/9/2023

5 stars

Tina is a fifteen year old girl living in an orphanage home. She is an angry and rebellious girl, but very resourceful. She drops out of school but is quite clever and streetwise, and carries a lot of resentment toward her parents for her predicament. Tina’s mother was a drug addict and alcoholic who over-dosed when Tina was ten and her philandering father had long gone, and remarried. Tina has an estranged and resentful relationship with her cheating, alcoholic father who typically visits her once a year at Christmas, and occasionally on her birthday, to leave her money and whatever stolen goods he may have acquired that she may be able to use.

Tina doesn’t like rules and uses her bedroom window to escape out at nights for dates with all the wrong kinds of shady characters. She’s also quite clever and learns how to make some spending money on the side, because it’s a ‘short stint for a decent payoff’.

This story begins as a diary of Tina’s life in the home, and then all the little plot twists that come along in her life, keep us turning the pages.

The author did a marvelous job of writing Tina’s story in this epistolary style of writing, and writing from the mind of a lonely, angry, and confused young teenager facing situations and decisions at an age with adult-sized problems. Tina’s shenanigans with a twist of paranormal make for an interesting read.


October 20, 2023

5 Stars on Goodreads by Pete Springer

Tina is a troubled fourteen-year-old with many anger issues stemming from her childhood. Her mother, a drug addict, has passed and her father only shows up occasionally, usually because he feels guilty for being a neglectful dad. Tina is all attitude with a mouth often capable of getting her in trouble. She lives in a group home and is harassed by many of the staff members, particularly the male workers. She sneaks out at night to vandalize property and resorts to prostitution as a means of income. As she gets older, boys and men notice her more and try to have sex with her. Tina loves the attention and hopes for her prince in shining armor. Unsurprisingly, she ends up pregnant. She is determined to keep her baby, but realizes the need to make better choices.

Despite her sometimes surly attitude, Tina has a kind heart, I rooted for her to turn her life around. Fortunately, she finds others who serve as positive role models and we see her grow as a human. One thing author Stevie Turner did particularly well was capture the voice of a troubled and angry teen. Tina develops a deep resentment toward boys/men, which seemed plausible, given her circumstances. I was glad to see that she realizes that not all men are scum after spending time with her loving grandfather. Another unique subplot to this story is the paranormal aspect as Tina's mom returns as a ghost to offer wisdom so that Tina doesn't repeat some of her same mistakes.

December 21st 2023

5 stars on Goodreads by Darlene Foster

Fifteen-year-old Tina has had a rough start in life; her mother died of an overdose and her dad is only one step ahead of the law. After a few bad experiences in foster care, she is now in a group home. They say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and this is true for Tina who is tough and resourceful. The author has created a great character in Tina, a realistic teenager who has lived a hard-knock life. The voice of Tina is perfect and believable. She unwittingly gets herself in all kinds of trouble, but what seems like an unfortunate situation, turns her life around. Even her deceased mom helps her out. I enjoyed this story which proves that the love of family is everything and can right the wrongs of the past.



5.0 out of 5 stars one hell of a coming of age story!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 January 2024 by Anita Dawes

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Tina seems like the worst kind of teenager. She has no respect for rules or her own safety. But when you look at her life, you won’t blame her.
To be without hope at such an early age is sad, and personally, I think she did the best she could in the circumstances, although her mother did her best to help.

My own childhood wasn’t quite as bad as Tina’s, but I realised as I read her story, just how close it came at times.
I was rooting for Tina to turn her life around long before the end, as she really deserved some happiness.
Did her life get any better, was there any happiness out there for her?

You must read her story to find out…