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Jun 13, 15

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Daydreams Come True


Only great writers can make daily life rich. Ms. Turner accomplishes making the mundane shine. She provides momentary frissons that climb up your back as Alistair gets led by the proverbial ‘short and curlies’ down a surprisingly unpredictable trail in this heartfelt compact novel. The author foreshadows trouble using hints and suggestions that could be taken either way, brilliantly leading readers and characters down the garden path. “Jeez! Black walls?” Most remarkable about the story of Revenge are the unexpected twists and turns that play out in a story of everyday lives shattered and seen through a microscope.


Revenge just wouldn’t be complete without the scintillating foreplay and warm sex between Alistair in his tryst with red-headed beauty, Carly and then the caring portrayal of rekindled warmth with his wife of 20 years, Ann. Through the protagonist, Alistair’s, eyes, the reader notices the things that most men care about in women. Indecision reigns supreme just as it would in real life.


The reader runs the gamut of an emotional rollercoaster, once siding with Alistair and curious about the reasons for his daughter’s betrayal and then questioning the main character’s motivations. Stevie Turner catches the magic of the commonplace and lets the reader decide. Is this a moral tale, shaming Alistair to get him to behave or are we reading about the devil in disguise? You’ll have to pick it up to see for yourself. A great read. A normal marriage goes bad. The causes seem transparent, but the way we ride through it makes it visceral. Highly recommended! 5 Stars.



By K.T on Goodreads 22.7.15

I was given an ARC of this novel and it was a real treat. I hadn’t read this author’s work before and tend to be quite careful of reading someone unfamiliar. I’m glad I took the chance on Stevie Turner because I wasn’t disappointed. This novel had all the ingredients of a realistic extra marital scenario, which must happen a million times over in every town in the world. It was frightening how easily Alistair’s good but coasting marriage could pale into insignificance against the youthful allure of a work colleague and the storyline was the horror of wives everywhere.


But there’s a twist and nobody is who you think they really are. I met a pastor once who said, “I knew who I used to be, because when I tipped forward, I heard his words come out of my mouth.” That’s the moral of this book. The nicest people can be, under pressure, the most hideous enemies and Alistair’s harmless affair, begun in a moment of boredom will have devastating consequences for everyone involved in his life. There are more than a few shocks in this book which make the reader take a good, long, hard look in the mirror. The novel is written well and it was easy to keep reading. I liked this author’s work and will read more of it. An easy five stars.


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5.0 out of 5 stars great story

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I loved reading this story. Read it in a matter of a couple of hours. I felt each character's feeling and emotions.