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Kickback have a problem; their manager Richard has booked a string of sold-out concert venues, but ageing has taken its toll on the band and now they’re not sure whether they can manage a long tour anymore. Seth will need steroid injections in order to sing, Rob has prostate trouble, Ethan has RSI and tennis elbow and can no longer make his beloved Flying V guitar cry or sing, and years of being hunched over a drum kit has given Mick an arthritic back.

Ethan suggests calling his friend Baz to help play any guitar solos. Baz is willing to help, but has already checked himself into rehab. Baz meets a fellow alcoholic, Steve, in rehab, whom he discovers has more than a passable voice. He suggests bringing Steve along to the rehearsal sessions as a backing singer when both of them have dried out, and the rest of the band agree.

However, once Baz and Steve arrive at Seth’s mansion in deepest Wales, a tragic event occurs that none of the band could have ever foreseen and which threatens the commencement of what will now be the band’s farewell tour.

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