5.0 out of 5 stars by Janice Spina

An enjoyable story with a surprise ending!

Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2022

This was a story that kept my interest with its intriguing premise and shocking ending. The two protagonists, Eve and Leigh, newlyweds, want to have their own place. They are tired of staying with her parents and not having any privacy.

They finally find their dream house. But soon realize it is more like a nightmare when the next door neighbors move in and cause havoc and destruction with their noisy parties and destructive behavior. The newlyweds’ lives become unbearable.

The author created a fascinating story that kept me glued and praying for a solution for the once happy and contented couple. Will they be able to come to a resolution that will bring back the peace and tranquility they so need? How will they do this? Will Leigh be able to return to his former happy self?

You will just have to read this story to find out. I am not giving anything away. It was a surprise ending that I thoroughly enjoyed!


Five stars on 3/10/2019 by 'By Hook or by Crook':


I “met” Stevie over on Pete’s blog at during a recent series he generously did, introducing bloggers and posts they had written. Her writing intrigued me so when she offered to send me one of her stories I immediately jumped and I’m so glad I did because she’s an incredible writer. The Noise Effect may be only a little over 60 pages, but it grabbed me from the very first page and I was mesmerized until I finished it 45 minutes later. I loved Eve and Leigh, and having suffered from some truly awful neighbors myself, I more than emphasized with them. But even if you’ve been spared a similar experience, I promise you’ll still connect with this couple. The suspense is teased out over the course of the story and there’s more than one twist that managed to catch me by surprise. Even toward the end, when I thought I had everything figured out, there was one more revelation.

One of the things I love about being a blogger on WordPress (besides meeting all you lovely people), is that I’ve been fortunate enough to have stumbled across some truly gifted writers. I’m thrilled to be able to say that I’m adding Stevie to that list. I’ve always had a problem with novellas and short stories, in part because it’s so difficult to have time to form an emotional attachment with the characters. In my recent review of Joe Hill’s Full Throttle, I panned the short story, Throttle, he wrote with his father, Stephen King, mainly because I hated the characters. And most of you know what a fan I am of theirs, so it truly pained me. Stevie has proven that you can have wonderfully developed characters that you care about even in a short story or novella, and for me, well, what a treat. I HIGHLY recommend The Noise Effect to everyone who’s looking for a quick, suspense-filled read with relatable and sympathetic characters. And if you don’t follow her already, please check out her fabulous blog at:


5 star review by Beetley Pete 4/10/19


I am starting this review by letting you know that The Noise Effect is excellent. I certainly could not have contemplated not finishing it in one sitting, as I was immediately engaged with the main characters from the first paragraph, and eager to discover their fate. Set in the recent past, and in a part of England familiar to anyone who knows it, we have a complete tale of the events that rock the life of an average young couple, concluding with a delicious twist.

Anyone who has ever read one of my own fiction stories will know how much I love a twist!

Eve and Leigh are like so many young couples. Hopelessly in love, and not that well off. They begin married life having to live with Eve’s parents, pinning their hopes on being selected for a new council house being built on an estate close to where they both work. When they are allocated a modest two-bedroom house, they are overjoyed. It doesn’t matter that they have to use hand-me-down furniture, buy some cheap rugs, and eat egg and chips for dinner. They have their home, they have each other, and can now plan for the baby that Eve is desperate to have to complete the family.

After settling in, and being able to walk to both their jobs, they feel that life is wonderful, and their future is spread out ahead of them, full of possibility.

Then the next-door neighbours move in. A father and two sons. Unfriendly, unemployed, and inconsiderate. From the first day, they have parties all night, with loud music and noisy guests milling around in the street. Leigh tries to reason with them, but they are aggressive and threatening. Eve turns to the council for help, and registers a complaint about the noise. But such things take time, and the troublesome family next door are well-known to be difficult to evict.

What follows is a nightmare for the previously happy couple, resulting in a chain of events that spirals tragically out of control.

Stevie gets it all just right. The period details fix the era, and the descriptions of everything from surrounding streets to the music being played is all completely authentic. As someone whose life was also plagued by irresponsible noisy neighbours when I lived in London, I immediately identified with the sense of helplessness and frustration overwhelming the couple.

And then there was that good twist I mentioned.

Highly recommended.


Four Stars By Richard Sellers on April 20, 2016


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Great Read. I recommend.