4 stars on Goodreads by Darlene Foster

September 25, 2023

A fun story about ageing rock stars who plan to do one more performance. They are obviously past their prime with damaged voices, prostate issues, back problems and of course the ravages of substance abuse. But they try to pull it together for one last hoorah when something bad happens that could destroy all of them. Will they pull it off in spite of all the odds against them? There are a lot of characters for a short story and difficult to get to know any one of them, but still an enjoyable read.
5 stars by D.G Kaye on 26th November 2023

I always enjoy Stevie’s books, and this one is no different. In this book five aging rock stars and their band named Kickback, are planning to do their farewell tour, but nothing is easy.

Every band member has health issues and are dealing with their issues while trying to get their jam sessions going. Seth is housing the band so they can practice their sessions and material for the tour. Baz finishes rehab and invites his new friend Steve, whom he met at rehab to join the sessions to fill in as backup singer for the tour because their regular fill in is Eddie who is already busy on a contract. But surprisingly, Eddie shows up with his girlfriend, dismayed to find Steve has become his replacement. All the band members like Steve, except of course, now Eddie, as well as Mick because he accuses Steve of hitting on his wife, which of course didn’t happen. And when a tragedy occurs at the house, the story turns into an interrogation by police to discover whether the tragedy was an accident or intentional.