5 stars from Richard Dockett on 21/7/19

A medium, a message and a mystery. The perfect ingredients for a very clever and well written short story. It reaches to the heart of everything. Not just, how can they know? and how can it be true? but – what does it mean if they are?

There’s always the danger, in a short story, that the plot is rushed, or the action condensed. Nothing like that happens here, this is a well written and well thought out tale.

Not to give too much away, but this story had me reading quickly, it’s very cleverly put together, with the end of every chapter leaving you desperate to turn the page. The theme is familiar, the desperate, overpowering need to know.

Karen needs to know what happened to David, Rae, the medium, says that she has the answers. Mick is sceptical. Then things get really interesting, as motives and secrets are revealed.

The writing is crisp and the description accurate, the characters are well-drawn. You can feel a certain emotion towards one character, then after a few more pages, shift it to another as the plot unfolds. The issues are not clear cut, although at the start you may be forgiven for thinking that they are. As the story develops the skill of the writer at leading you along a twisted path becomes more obvious. The ending is very satisfying, making me want to read more stories about the medium (I’m sure she has lots of interesting ones to tell), perhaps in a series of her own.

I have no hesitation in giving this story 5 stars.


5 stars from D.G Kaye on 13/7/19


Stevie Turner's latest was a great escape read, and by the second page I had to find out what this psychic was going to tell Karen, and then I became absorbed and wanted to just keep reading.


Karen and Mick's happy life was shaken and stirred after a chance outing to a clairvoyant's public show where Medium Rae focused her attention on Karen, offering her a message from beyond from Karen's deceased son - gone missing years before. Rae offers Karen her card, inviting her to contact Rae to learn more if she chose. What mother of a missing child wouldn't jump at the opportunity to connect with their missing/dead child?


What Rae reveals to Karen sets the tone for the journey to seek out what happened all those years ago when David just a boy then, completely vanished - never to return. The search to find David's never been found body ensues, and as clues develop and possible suspects for David's death appear, a great strain weighs between Karen and Mick's marriage.


Turner always has rich characters who draw us into her stories. I also enjoyed how the story carried through with a tiny crumb given in each chapter, leaving me anxious to turn to the next chapter while still kept wondering - Who the heck killed David - until near the very end. I also enjoyed reading in this genre, which is not a usual one for me. If you enjoy a shorter book with all the meat of a story wrapped up nicely, you will no doubt, enjoy this book!


5 stars from Janet Gogerty on 17/8/19


People go missing all the time; when a child goes missing it's every parent's nightmare and never knowing what happened can perhaps be worse. The author turns the usual missing person story on its head. Would you talk to a psychic, would you trust them? Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, would you take the chance of ignoring a loved one trying to contact you from the other side? We are soon swept along and the reader is not sure who to trust, nor is David's mother Karen as her marriage is threatened.


5 stars from Colin Guest on 24/8/19


I found this book so interesting I had a job to put it down until I reached the end of the story. It is a fact that clairvoyants have been known to assist the police in their inquiries. All in all a great read .


4 stars from Stephen Bentley on 1/10/19


This short story took me about two hours to read. It was delightful. If you have a longish wait it's an ideal read for entertainment to while away the boredom of waiting.


Author Stevie Turner is a good storyteller. The yarn simply galloped along. In spite of (I guess) some of the subject matter or theme of the book comprising of the paranormal, it was written in an entirely credible way.


There is some excellent dialogue throughout the book. I also liked the character building - unusual in a short story but this one was just long enough for Stevie to put some 'flesh and bones' on the main characters.


Great ending too and one I did not see coming. Well recommended read!



5 stars from 'Hummer' 3rd February 2020


What a great book. I was enthralled the whole way through. I could not put it down. Cannot wait to read more like this one.



Review from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie 17/3/20


Hoping for a message from her son David, who disappeared years ago, Karen attends a Spiritual meeting with her husband, Mick.

Through the medium, Karen receives a message from her son.

This message shocks her and sends her on a journey of discovery, shaking the foundations of her marriage.

Her husband Mick is not a believer in these things and aggressively refuses to believe that David blames him for his death. This was a classic misunderstanding, for Mick is David’s stepfather.

Right from the beginning, I hoped the child would be found alive.

I found myself wondering what I would do in those circumstances. The message would have to be convincing, like something no one else would know, for there are many so-called mediums out there who prey on the vulnerable.

I don’t understand what drives people to these meetings, surely it must only bring more heartache?

It was particularly distressing to witness the destruction of Karen’s marriage, although the husband’s attitude didn’t help.

The author has done a brilliant job of creating a devastating story and believable characters, sometimes a little too realistic!

The medium in this story and the story itself, are remarkable and very believable, especially the effect this discovery had on the parents of the missing child.

Finding David isn’t very long, but it certainly packs a punch…


Thanks to Pete Springer for this 5 star review of my paranormal short story 'Finding David':



What would you do if the person you are married to becomes a murder suspect? Not just any murder—one that involves her son, David. Karen faces this dilemma after Rae, a gifted clairvoyant medium, provides information that suggests that her husband, Mick, may be responsible. To complicate matters, the police sergeant refuses to offer any help after he finds out that Rae claims the deceased spirit of the boy has provided this information.


Karen has complete faith in Rae, but Mick thinks Rae is trying to swindle money with a hoax reading. Is the murderer Karen, Mick, or someone else?


Several elements made Finding David an engaging read. One appealing quality is the relationship that Mick had with David. Because neither character liked the other, this made for some fascinating family dynamics.


Stevie Turner doesn't waste time getting right into the meat of the story. There were no lulls, and my mind did not wander at any point because the plot was gripping. Take two hours to read this excellent tale and put yourself in Karen's shoes.


5 stars from Rose Arbor on Goodreads:



Although this was a short book, a really exciting story was crammed into the pages. The story twists and turns as you read, and bounces you around until you can't tell up from down. I am looking forward to reading more from this author. I have a feeling she is going to be one of my favorites. Try it. I bet you will like it too.


I borrowed this book from Kindle Unlimited.


5 stars from Roberta Cheadle



This story is completely unique and unusual and left me thinking long and hard about my own ideas concerning spirits and the afterworld. After all, spirits are either good or bad, depending on their lives and the circumstances surrounding their deaths, aren't they? They are not a little of each just like humans?


Karen, accompanied by her reluctant second husband, Mick, attends a spiritual meeting hosted by a famous clairvoyant, Rae Cordelle. Karen's son, David, who died 15 years previously, when he was just 9 years old, appears and speaks to the clairvoyant. He has a message for his mother - a terrible message about who killed him all those years ago.


Mick is disbelieving of the entire matter but Karen has an urgent need to meet up with Rae and find out what David had to say about his murderer. The information Rae imparts turns Karen's whole world upside down, and threatens to destroy here marriage.


I enjoyed the character of Rae Cordelle who was cool and collected throughout the book and also confident in her abilities as a medium. She competently guided firstly, Karen, and then Mick through her discussions with David. Rae was also able to deal with David's internal emotional conflict when it became apparent, despite his status as a spirit.


I thought Mick was quite understanding of the entire situation and Karen's confusion and emotional turmoil as a result of David's accusation. I felt he dealt with the entire traumatic situation in a responsible way.


Karen was well portrayed as being a woman who has never recovered from the death of her only child 15 years previously. Her reactions and behavior were appropriate and resonated with me in the circumstances.


A good book and one I would recommend to people who enjoy a clever story with a paranormal element.


5.0 out of 5 stars Just a wonderful heart warming with a twist book

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 July 2022 by Linda Fergusson

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This is a beautiful read with a dark side, but hearing from her son helps!! Even if it's through a psychic 🔮. Well worth reading.


5 stars from Patricia E. Yarian 5th March 2021


There are those with a very special gift. The gift to "see". There are also those that don't welcome that special gift...but here, the telling of the story is because of the gift..

David, a young boy is "lost". Taken by a nasty evil see David won't be back ..except thru the gift and a Spirit Guide. Even though the Guide has informed the psychic that yes, David has grown and isn't the 9yr old that he was at time of abduction, he presents his spiritual self as that 9yr old in order to be recognized by his mother...

I can continue on, but I'll end up blabbing the whole story to you! And we don't want to spoil your reading pleasure.....what I will say is this...

Go ahead, grab a bit cuppa java juice, a snack and settle in with your feet up and enjoy the story!!


5 stars from Suzanne Newnham on  Goodreads 25/11//21

Stevie Turner has written an engaging story with a twist that sets the reader wondering. As I am a psychic/trance medium I am familiar with psychic protocol and ethics. Whether Stevie Turner is aware of psychic protocol or well-advised by a psychic, clairvoyant, or medium she has accurately portrayed the methods of reading, and within the story ensuring the Spirits words are delivered without interpretation.

How much Spirit wishes the characters to know will leave the reader guessing. Once started the book was not easy to put aside so I read it all in one go.


Looking forward to reading more of Stevie Turner's paranormal books.


5.0 out of 5 stars by Janice Spina on Goodreads August 3rd 2022: It was amazing -

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An intriguing read that kept me in suspense as it wound down to a shocking ending.

Stevie Turner is a talented writer of short fiction. She creates well-defined and interesting characters with a fascinating storyline.

I really enjoyed this story though short was full and rich in details and character development with a heart-wrenching premise.

I recommend this enjoyable read.